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                               WEIGHT LOSS

                Bio-Resonance Therapy for Weight Loss

       There are many reasons why patients can struggle to reduce their weight and to be able to keep the weight off. Please read the following.

       The BICOM® device has a Program for weight loss which is discussed below, but it is important to note that weight gain can be caused by a number of factors. Many of the disorders listed on the homepage can contribute greatly: allergies, food intolerance, depression, digestive disorders and especially parasites.

      In weight loss therapy ear acupuncture points are stimulated with special applicators through bioresonance programs for metabolism, hormone system, detoxification and autonomic nervous system. Combined with an appropriately modified diet, good sustained weight loss can be achieved while improving metabolism at the same time.

Bicom device +Cavitation and Cryolipolysis  : heat action can increase the deep skin temperature by 0.5-1C, which can benefit for absorption of nutrition, strengthen the circulation in the body and enhance the evacuation of waste, thus promoting body slimming.

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