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REGUMED Protector® 5G


5G is the fifth generation and the latest wireless mobile network that builds on 4G by increasing the capacity of how many devices can connect at any given time. It also uses a higher range of radio frequencies and is said to be up to 100 times faster. 

Some scientific studies have found that Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR), when in high amounts, can contribute towards the development of various tumours in male rats. For example, in studies carried out by the National Toxicology Program, scientists assessed the effect of 2G and 3G on male and female rats and mice over a period of two years; in their findings, there was evidence of tumours in the hearts, brains and adrenal glands of some of the male rats after high RFR exposure. DNA damage is a potential contributing factor in the development of tumours. In these studies, DNA damage was recorded in: the frontal cortex of the brain in male mice; the blood cells in female mice; the hippocampus of the brain in male rats. This damage could make these subjects more susceptible to health problems such as cancer.

These findings suggest that there could be a risk of high exposure to RFR, such as 5G, increasing a person’s chance of developing certain health problems. The World Health Organization has classed RFR as “possibly carcinogenic”. There is a lack of studies that investigate the long-term effects of exposure to this type of radiation. 

Compared to 2G and 3G, 5G has a smaller range, meaning that it covers less distance, while 5G has a higher bandwidth or frequency, meaning that it transmits data at a greater speed. In order to counteract the shorter distance that these frequencies travel, more transmission masts and fibre optic cables have to be installed to provide even coverage. 5G is the first network to use millimetre waves, which are absorbed by the first few millimetres of skin and the cornea. These waves have the potential to cause detrimental physiological effects on the body, both in the short term and in the long term. Given that 5G technology will be used as well as, rather than instead of, 4G technology, this may increase some people’s overall exposure to RFR and could, therefore, contribute towards an increase in the risk of harm. 

In order to reduce exposure to RFR, a person could put their phone onto flight mode when they are not using it and try to avoid having their phone too close to their body such as by using a hands-free setting when making phone calls. 

The REGUMED Protector® 5G is a device that contains certain gemstones, which emit harmonious oscillations that contribute towards a healthy home environment. These are amplified through the use of LEDs, in order to enhance the harmonizing effect.  

The Protector® 5G is designed to: 

  • Harmonize the indoor climate 

  • Protect the energetic field during bio-energetic testing 

  • Improve sleep quality 

This can help to reduce the impact of 5G and electrosmog. 

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