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BICOM therapy helps us to resolve energetic blocks in the physical body. To this end we have developed a concept based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using a questionnaire or through testing we can ascertain in which element there are currently problems or weaknesses, so that we can target and remove these energetic imbalances. Even if someone feels healthy at a given point in time, there are still always minor weak points present that need to be strengthened, or imbalances that need to be removed. Illness was and is in fact merely the absence of health. In Chinese medicine a person is ill when disharmony predominates in their body.
The BICOM Optima is the latest development in bioresonance therapy. Drawing from over 30 years of clinical experience and with help of leading practitioners Regumed has developed the most advanced bioresonance system available today. This along with excellent training and technical support has given practitioners the confidence to invest in BICOM, making it the market leader with more than 13,000 devices in use worldwide
The Bicom device send frequencies  to the body  and the client  will receive a chip .

The Chip  is used to store the treatment signal inside a stainless steel chip. It can  be attached to the body to allow for additional treatment after the initial therapy session is over.

Some indications for Bioresonance therapy:

• Allergies

• Food intolerance

• Impaired immunity

• Other endocrine diseases

• Acute and chronic infections (bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic)

• Skin diseases

• Respiratory diseases

• Autoimmune diseases

• Rheumatic diseases

• Injuries

• Scars

• Painful (acute and chronic)

• Emotional problems and behavioral problems

• Cardiovascular diseases

• Diseases of the blood

• Metabolic disorders

Bicom Therapy

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