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Technology uptake four Spectrophotometry is used by the OligoScan technology to measure the concentration of heavy metals and trace elements in tissue, with results tailored to a particular body region.

This is a quantitative analytical technique that involves determining a chemical or mineral substance's optical density or absorbance level.

The fundamental idea is that all compounds, whether they are made of chemicals or minerals, can absorb, emit, or reflect electromagnetic radiation (EM radiation) within a particular wavelength range.

The law of Beer-Lambert expresses the boundaries of proportionality; the more concentrated the sample, the more light it absorbs.

Numerous fields, including chemistry, pharmacy, the environment, the food processing industry, biology, medicine and clinical settings, and material and chemical engineering, use spectrophotometry.

Numerous fields, including chemistry, pharmacy, the environment, the food processing industry, biology, medicine and clinical applications, material and chemical engineering, and many more, employ spectrophotometry.

Spectrophotometry is used in clinical applications to analyze tissues or blood in order to make a clinical diagnosis.

Table of elements for periodic studies in science
Numerous studies conducted by research institutes, the WHO, FAO, and other organizations show the detrimental effects of heavy metals on human and animal health.

Massive exposure to these harmful substances poses a serious risk to public health. Heavy metals enter the human body either directly through contact or indirectly through the food chain. They are transported by pollution of the air, the earth, and water (ground and marine waters).

Certain chemicals are also present in goods that come into contact with human skin. According to sanitary issue agencies, there are hardly any locations left on Earth that are unaffected by this issue.

The removal of these harmful metals from the human body by the use of suitable chelating agents presents a significant health risk.

Additionally, scientific research informs us of an additional strategy. They draw attention to the sharp decline in nutritious content in food and the rise in food additives, both of which lead to a host of health issues.

A customized supplement regimen promotes the body's optimal performance and is, given the decline in dietary quality and nutritional density, a major benefit of maintaining health.

Regarding OligoScan's measurement technique, spectrophotometry is employed in a wide range of academic and professional settings.

Correlations between the expected standards and the results of the OligoScan test and conventional biological analysis are demonstrated.

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