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In Real Time, just as if it were in person, anywhere in the world.

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The surprising Remote Therapy with Bicom Optima


In 2020, no one could question wireless technology, right?

Today we all have access to our TV through the remote control, as well as various appliances that we use in our house.

In the same way, much of the medical equipment has evolved and is becoming more and more popular, the same we can find in our mobile Apps that control our activity, our heart rate, our sleep and other vital signs, without our being pending of these.

All this will evolve. But there is an advance in medical matters that I consider one of the most important, and that is the computer-brain connection ,  which will allow us to help control many of the computer devices and equipment with our minds without touching them.

These advances will help many people with physical and mental limitations to be able to communicate with others such as those with ALS, autism, blindness, deafness, and perhaps to be able to communicate with comatose patients and other limiting illnesses.

In the field of Bioresonance , something has been working since its inception, which is called Remote Therapy.

However, most people have their reasonable doubts and I hope I can solve them with this article.